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It’s been a pleasure working with Lucila, a consummate public relations and social media professional. My boutique agency hired her several years ago to support statewide efforts aimed at raising awareness about the importance of expanded learning programs for thousands of families across California. Each step of the way, I relied on her professionalism and commitment to bring about outcome-driven results for each project she was assigned to, and each time she came through. The project was a complete success thanks to our partnership. I look forward to our continued collaboration.” 

– Evelyn G. Aleman, President,
Media Image PR


“Lucila Garcia is one of the brightest PR strategists I’ve worked with. She is deeply entrenched in the public affairs forum, from non-profits, to political leaders, to national media. She is a strong writer, consumer savvy, hardworking, and determined to elevate her clients. In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, she has sound thought leadership – especially when it comes to dealing with a crisis.”

– Ivette Serrano, Director of Outreach Marketing


“I have known Lucila for over 20 years. She was my very first employee at RLPR. She has become a seasoned PR professional with an incredible work ethic and results-oriented approach that makes her a sought-after consultant for a variety of clients. I highly recommend Lucila.”

– Roxana Lissa, Principal
Blue Public Relations


“Lucila has been wonderful to work with. She seems to be working 24 hours a day, finding contacts to get your stories out. Besides major national contacts, she somehow finds more local contacts for local stories, such as helping get some stories out in New Orleans as the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of many locally owned franchises hotels. While many claim to get stories sent to hundreds of media outlets, Lucila gets direct high profile contacts and results, helping you properly frame your story for the greatest impact. I highly recommend her services. ”

– Keith Miller, Principal
Franchisee Advocacy Consulting


“There are so many wonderful things I could say about Lucila. She is a total pleasure to work with; her dedication to perfection and detail makes her a perfect fit to our branding team. She is not only loyal but also an incredibly bright and creative person, and always makes herself available. At our DAMA special events, she is always the first one in the room, and the last one to leave.”

– Phillip Delacruz, Founder
DAMA Tequila


“Lucila is an example of a professional communications practitioner that listens and works hard to create campaigns that help clients. She has done that for the complex industry of franchisees.”

– Jaspreet Dhillon, Past Board Member
National Coalition of Associations of Seven Eleven Franchisees


“Up and beyond the call of duty, it doesn’t even begin to describe Lucila’s work. We have worked on many projects together since 2006. For each engagement, Lucila provided a fresh and impactful communication approach and a nuanced but detailed plan for implementation combined with laying the foundation for a successful market launch across multiple national projects. One word, in particular, stands out in describing Lucila, “delightful.” Her positive attitude is infectious. She truly is a joy as a person making any situation doable.”

– John Corella, President/CIO

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